Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Hey everyone, so I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, and share with you all how UH-MAZ-ING this restaurant is.
The place is called Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, and its located in Liberty Village – at 85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON. This place is definitely not your average restaurant – being known for their “infamous” bathrooms; this restaurant is a mix of cool, chic and sophisticated – while still always remaining on point with every meal they send out.


The first meal I ordered were the “Green Eggs and Ham – served with a fresh salad, I really love them Sam I am!” This play on words definitely peeked my interest, and the taste was right up there with it.


The second meal on my to-do list was the “Veda’s Choice – Mildred’s classic poached eggs on a flakey croissant with your choice of smoked salmon, or rosemary bacon, topped with béarnaise sauce and served with mixed greens.”
Now, listen up everyone – when I say this is to die for, I really mean that this is TO DIE FOR. Not only did it look amazing, the taste completely surpassed my expectations. The fresh, warm flakey croissant, with the perfectly poached eggs drenched in the delectable sauce, not to mention the bacon that was cured to perfection – basically made me shut up until the plate was clean.



Now, last but certainly NOT least – the pièce de résistance, “Mrs. Bierderhof’s Legendary Light and Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes – served with Lanark County maple syrup and whipped cream. Mrs. Bierderhof’s pancakes make people happy!” and boy do they ever. The overwhelming warmth and sweetness will literally melt your heart – and I highly recommend leaving them as the desert portion of your meal.


Now stop drooling on your computer!!

– Amanda

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