Last Minute Gift Idea: D.I.Y. Hand Painted Cork Coasters

These are a really cute and quick D.I.Y. gift that is both inexpensive and easy to make. The cork coasters are good for a holiday stocking stuffer or for a fun house warming gift- the colours can be adjusted to suit either a man or a woman!



Cork tile or coasters

Painting tape

Acrylic paint-whatever colours you like

Water-resistant clear acrylic spray or shellac finish & sealer

Paint brush


Scissors or exacto knife

First, if you are working with cork tiles, measure them with a ruler to the size you want your coaster ( mine were 10cm x 10cm). Mark the measurements with a pen and cut out the squares with scissors or an exacto knife.



Use your painting tape to create your design. I used variations of stripes, crosses, and colour blocks and also cut some of the pieces of tape to get thinner and thicker stripes. Make sure the tape is flat(without bubbles) so that no paint goes under the tape later.


Once you are happy with your taping, you can paint the different colours onto the cork coasters. Let them sit aside until the paint is dry.


Once the paint is completely dry bring your coasters into a well ventilated area where they can sit to dry for about an hour ( I went into the garage). Lay the coasters down flat and spray them with the water-resistant finish (I did three coats).


Once the coasters have sat to dry, you can put felt on the bottoms so they are safe for any surface!




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