Trending: Chic Pyjamas

Choosing what to wear to bed is a decision each of us faces every night. Many times we resort to our ex-boyfriend’s boxers or Dad’s old t-shirts, but what to wear when we have guests or “a special someone” over for the night? Every woman needs a chic set of pyjamas for rolling around in the sheets, on cold winter nights! Below is a guide to stylish pyjamas for every woman’s budget.



Pyjama Chic

1.Dkny pajama set, $67 /
2. Cyberjammies blue top, $18 /
3.Derek Rose Mayfair Pyjama Set, $245 /
4.Equipment pajamas $625 /
5.Topshop silk sleep wear $65
6.Dickins Jones blue top, $21 /
7.Topshop silk print pants $65 /
9.Eberjey sleepwear, $220 /

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