Salmon & Cucumber Appetizers

My mum has been making these since I was young, so it’s definitely not a new recipe. But it’s lasted this long for a reason! This is such an easy, healthy and more importantly delicious little snack to make any time of the day! The ingredients make it somewhat ‘classy’, so it can be served as an appetizer at any dinner party.

You can make adjustments to the ingredients depending on your taste and budget (you can buy imitation caviar at some grocery stores and replace the crème fraiche with sour cream or cream cheese).

What I use:

– 1 english cucumber – sliced roughly 1cm thick

– 1 package of smoked salmon – sliced into thin strips

– Crème fraiche (you can also use sour cream or cream cheese)

– Caviar

– Chives

First, you need to place all of the slices of cucumber on your serving plate (makes it easier then moving them from the cutting board to the plate with everything on them!). Then take a spoon, drop about a teaspoon of crème fraiche onto the cucumber. Place your salmon ontop of the crème fraiche, add ¼ tsp of caviar and finish off with chives as a garnish!


My advice to you is eat as many as you can before you leave your kitchen because I can guarantee they’ll disspear within seconds!



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