Art of Sport

Last week, we received a package at the t.listed team that instantly excited all of us. When we saw the colourful stickers on the outside of the cardboard box, we  knew exactly where it came from!

Art of Sport, is a graphic design company based in San Francisco, that was  created by designers John Paul Stallard and Rob Duncan. Their designs are inspired by various sports teams and incorporate team history, colours, and names in a subtle manner.

IMG_5297 IMG_5299 

We were so impressed by the care and detail that was taken when packaging the products and sending them to us!

IMG_5330 IMG_5332

Everything was tastefully stamped with the Art of Sport logo and stickers!

IMG_5342 IMG_5340

What initially attracted us to Art of Sport was their clean, modern poster designs. We love the concept; finding a compromise and balance between men that love their sports teams and women that want affordable ways to decorate their homes. This will save so many couples the headache of fighting over where to put “his stuff” other than the man cave! Its also great for women that love sports and a chic way to decorate kid’s rooms.

Below we have each styled the prints into our spaces!

IMG_5524 IMG_5539

Toronto print (Toronto Blue Jays-Major League Baseball), styled by Anna, in a work space and bedroom.

IMG_0077   IMG_0116

Cleveland print (Cleveland Indians-Major League Baseball), styled by Amanda, in a bedroom.

IMG_0067  IMG_0085

Liverpool print (Liverpool FC- Premier League), styled by Jill, in a work space.

IMG_5520 IMG_5521

Chicago South print ( Chicago White Sox- Major League Baseball), styled by Anna, on a bookshelf.


IMG_0060  IMG_0116

San Francisco print (San Francisco Giants -Major League Baseball), styled by Amanda, in a bedroom

IMG_0051    IMG_0052

Detroit print ( Detroit Tigers- Major League Baseball), styled by Jill, in a hallway.

The prints are great as a Valentine’s Gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that love football, soccer, baseball, or just beautifully designed posters!

If you want to purchase these prints or check out their other designs you can on .

Use the code ‘lovetlisted’ for 10% off your purchase from now ’till the end of February!

Thank you ART OF SPORT!!!

the t.listed girls!

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