D.I.Y Girly Glass Jars

I’m always looking for something chic and inexpensive to store all of my extra bobbles laying around – but I can never find something I love!

So I decided to take matters into my own hands
I’m going to show you guys how you can make gorgeous, easy and cheap containers for your space.

All you’ll need is:
– Glass Jars/Containers (mine are from the dollar store)
– Paint (I chose hot pink and silver)
– Brushes
– Super Glue
– Glass Knobs (mine are from a vintage home store on Queen W.)


Start by removing the lids from the containers, then set up your paint and brushes.
Once you’ve organized your materials, begin to paint!


I chose to mix both colours to give the lids a more vintage-tarnish look.


Once the paint is dry, pin point where on the lid you’ll be wanting to glue the knobs.
Then, glue the bottom of the knob all the way around for a secure fit.. Hold in place for 30 seconds.




Once you’ve finished, allow for the entire lid to be completely dry before securing it back onto the glass container.


And voila! Aren’t these amazing??


Perfect to spice up any little space!

– Amanda

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