Street Style: Tartan

If you’re a Clueless fanatic like myself, then you’ll love the fact that tartan is back on the style bandwagon.
Not only does tartan make you feel like Cher, wearing it brings about a sense of nostalgia for those, like myself, who wore uniforms in high school.

The thing I love most about tartan is you can swing it either way – you can make it come off as super girly, or edgy + grungy!
The choice is yours.

Here are some street style photos to inspire you all to throw a little tartan in your wardrobe!


Which tartan pieces are you wanting to rock? Let us know in the comments!

– Amanda

7 thoughts on “Street Style: Tartan

  1. Oh I do love tartan! I can’t decide if I want trousers or a skirt more after reading this post! I recently blogged about tartan trousers but now I’m swaying towards a tartan pencil skirt! Xx

  2. What is it about tartan that makes me feel so happy? The bright colours? The bold lines? What I would love to see is a short winter trench – especially with all the snow in Toronto right now. It might make walking outside bearable!

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