D.I.Y Luxe Mason Jar Vase

I love using mason jars for so many different things!
Glasses, containers, accent pieces, and so much more – they have such a wide variety of usage!

I’m gonna show you guys how I turned my mason jars into fabulous gold vases for my ever-growing flower arrangement collection

All you’ll need is:

– Mason Jars
– Gold Paint
– Paint brushes
– Faux Flowers

(You can also use gold spray paint, I just personally prefer the vintage-y look of brush strokes with paint)


First, prepare the flowers by measuring the stem to the size of the mason jar. Then, trim stem and remove all leaves.


Next, get your gold paint and paint brush and start your first coat



You’ll want to do a minimum of 4 to 5 coats with drying time in between to give your jar the richest and deepest colour


Once dry, insert your pre cut flowers into the jar – and there you go!
Such a chic vase, perfect for all spaces!




– Amanda

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