Valentines Day Breakfast

Forgot to buy a present or flowers? No problem! Surprise your significant other, friend, family with home fries with bacon & onion with a poached egg on a butter croissant topped with creamy spinach sauce. This is the perfect breakfast/brunch to surprise your significant other with on Valentines Day. It’s more than delicious and looks like it’s straight from a 5 star restaurant.

I was fortunate enough to have my boyfriend make this for me a couple of days ago. Although a lot went into making it, the whole recipe was pretty simple. The key to make this breakfast perfect is TIMING! Make sure to follow my instructions exactly to ensure the perfect breakfast!

What you’ll need (these are ingredients for 2 people):

– 2 fresh butter croissants (for those non gluten eaters: feel free to replace the croissants for gluten free bread!)

– 2 eggs

– 1/3 of a pack of bacon (diced)

– 2 potatoes (sliced into fries)

– 1/3 of a red onion (sliced)

– 2 cups of spinach

– 1 cup 18% table cream

– 1 tbsp white vinegar

– 2 garlic cloves (minced)

First, in a large frying pan on medium heat, combine your garlic and bacon. Once the bacon is slightly cooked (pink), add your sliced potatoes. When the potatoes begin to brown, add most of the onions (leave some for the spinach sauce). Make sure to constantly monitor the frying pan to make sure nothing burns!







Next, in a small pot on medium heat, add about 1 tsp of butter, garlic and (he chose to do this, you don’t have to!) 1 tbsp garlic aioli. Once this has slightly melted, add your spinach. Wait until it is slightly wilted (but still bright green) and then add your cream. Stir for about 1 minute, and then transfer to your Magic Bullet (or any other blender/mixer). Mix for 30 seconds, then transfer back to the small pot on low heat. Add salt & pepper to taste.







Your fries should be done, so change the temperature to low. Next, add about 6 cups of water to a medium pot and set the heat to high. It is crucial that you don’t allow the water to boil, so wait until the bubbles start to form on the bottom then turn heat lower. Add your vinegar. Crack both eggs into 2 separate bowls, then gently add to the hot water. Make sure to constantly keep moving the egg around with a spoon, so none of the eft white escape! Cook between 3-4 minutes (depending on how runny you like your yolk).



While your eggs arecooking, start plating! Cut your croissant in half (lengthwise) and place on plate. Add your fries. When your egg is done, place on croissant then add a hefty load of sauce – the more the merrier!


And there you go, the perfect Valentines Day (or any other day) breakfast!

Happy eating!

– Jill

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