Celebrity Red Carpet Nails – Get The Look

For me, when I go to choose a nail polish, 9 times out of 10, I’ll choose red.
There is something so simple, yet alluring, about red polish – which is why I love it so much!
Although red is great, it is nice to switch it up every once and a while,
so why not look to our fellow celebs for some manicure inspiration.

Below are some lacquer-inspo’s from this years red carpet’s to get you all out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

Sandra Bullock with a square-shaped navy manicure

Lupito Nyong’o with a round-shaped pale pink manicure

Jennifer Hudson with a square-shaped onyx glitter manicure

Anna Faris with a square-shaped nude manicure

Monica Potter with a sparkling ombré manicure

Margot Robbie (my fave) with an almond-shaped nude manicure

Leslie Mann with a square-shaped black manicure

Celebrity Red Carpet Nails - Get The Look!

Which colours are you wanting to try??
Let us know in the comments!

– Amanda

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