Paris Fashion Week Runway: Our Favourite Looks

‘Fashion Month’ was brought to a close on Monday with the end of Paris Fashion Week (the best of the fashion weeks)! The designs this season were phenomenal, with each designer finding new and creative ways to showcase their interpretations of the upcoming trends! Below we picked some of our favourite looks from the Paris runways.

Zuhair Murad

ZuhairMurad_002_1366.450x675 ZuhairMurad_009_1366.450x675 ZuhairMurad_048_1366.450x675 ZuhairMurad_004_1366.450x675 ZuhairMurad_014_1366.450x675 ZuhairMurad_042_1366.450x675

Zadig & Voltaire

_ARC0016.450x675 _ARC0535.450x675 _ARC0638.450x675 _ARC0046.450x675 _ARC0676.450x675 _ARC0559.450x675


HER_0150.450x675 HER_1071.450x675 HER_0981.450x675 HER_0713.450x675 HER_0794.450x675 HER_1026.450x675

Miu Miu

_ON_0007.450x675 _ON_0093.450x675 _ON_0155.450x675 _ON_0339.450x675 _ON_0634.450x675 _ON_0263.450x675
Louis Vuitton
_ON_0137.450x675 _ON_0293.450x675 _ON_0109.450x675 _ON_0523.450x675 _ON_0315.450x675 _ON_0705.450x675
Alexander McQueen
_ARC0396.450x675 _ARC0566.450x675 _ARC0354.450x675 _ARC0436.450x675 _ARC0376.450x675 _ARC0513.450x675

CHA_0055.450x675 CHA_0576.450x675 CHA_0287.450x675 CHA_0271.450x675 CHA_1036.450x675 CHA_0677.450x675

3 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week Runway: Our Favourite Looks

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