D.I.Y. St Patty’s Shamrock T-shirt

St Patrick’s Day is coming up on Monday, but most of us are beginning the celebrations early. If you’re looking for something to wear at the last minute this D.I.Y. shamrock shirt is super quick and so easy!


white t-shirt
pencil (or use the opposite end of a paint brush)
green paint
shamrock template (I printed one off Google)


First, print off and cut out your shamrock template.


Lay the template down on your shirt and decide where you want your shamrock to sit.


Dip the eraser end of your pencil in the green paint. With one hand hold the shamrock in place, and with the other hand dot the pencil around the shape of the shamrock. Put darker/thicker dots of paint closer to the template and make it lighter as you move farther away.



You’ll end up with a nice ombre effect around your shamrock. You can make it as thick as you’d like!


The entire process from start to finish will only take you about 5- 10 minutes.


Once you’re finished you can pair it with your favorite green accessories and you’re ready to go!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

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