Look for Le$$ – Céline Skate Slip-On

Last year I bought a pair of white slip-on Vans before all of the fashion houses decided to
jump on the bandwagon; and my then boyfriend at the time (clearly why he’s an ex now, lol)
used to rag on me all the time for how they looked.

I obviously didn’t listen to him and kept wearing them, and look who knew best!

kendall-jenner-the-grove-pic151608 82c3643c283282856691a4fdcba8e5db ca093cb83390ac59ad9b48f3a881a861

As much as I don’t mind spending those extra dollars for a classic piece,
I find that I don’t treat my shoes as well as I should – so spending $700 on a pair of sneakers
isn’t really logistical. Which is why I love bargain hunting.
I think it’s awesome to be able to find that one piece you’ve been lusting over
finally trickle down the fashion ladder and into a store people can afford.


Here are my picks on a look for le$$ option with the céline skate slip-ons!

Look for Le$$ - Céline Skate Slip-on

hich ones do you love?
Let us know in the comments!– Amanda

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