D.I.Y. Be Mine & I Love You Valentine’s Garland

This D.I.Y. Valentine’s garland is great way to get into the spirit of love, single or attached! It can be used to surprise your loved one on the 14th, or you can hang it now and start welcoming the LOVE! It is so easy to make and all of the materials can be found around your house & at the dollar store!


Bristol Board- Red or Pink
Hole Puncher
Printer- optional
White glue


I started off by printing the letters that I would need from my computer in size 650 font, fitting each letter to one page. I cut the letters out from the computer paper and traced them on to the bristol board.


When cutting out the letters B or O, it is easier to start by cutting a small slit in the centre of the letter.


After beginning to cut my letters from the bristol board, I realized it would be easier if the board was cut into rows.


After cutting out all of your letters, lay them on the floor to see how it will look!


With the extra pieces of bristol board, I traced out little hearts that could separate each word on the garland.



This is the time to add some sparkle! Put glue on your hearts in whatever pattern/placement you want your sparkle and shine!


Sprinkle the sparkles over the glue!


Shake off your hearts and they’re ready to go!



Using a hole punch or scissors, carefully punch a single hole into the top of each letter. Measure out how much twine you will need, leaving a bit extra on each end.

Tie  a loose knot at the end of your twine, where you want the last letter (or heart) to sit. Start adding your letters and tie a loose knot in between each word.


When all of your letters and hearts are on, tie a loose knot at the end to hold it all together!



Now your garland is ready to be hung!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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